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About the show...

The Voiceover Round Table, in its original form, was created during the early part of the Pandemic by voice actor and V.O. North conference founder Dearbhla Trainor. It was a place for voiceover community members to gather every week to chat, learn, and grow despite the many challenges the world was facing at that time. Mike Tobin and Emma O'Neill were regular collaborators, along with many other panellists, keeping the discussion going week after week!

As pandemic restrictions loosened, professional opportunities called Dearbhla away from the show, and the Voiceover Round Table took a brief hiatus.

In the fall of 2022, with much community support and encouragement, Mike and Emma brought the show back to Clubhouse with an updated format: It now welcomed voiceover industry leaders like veteran voice actors, coaches, casting directors, producers, and more. They also introduced live performance events, where community members have had the opportunity to read for and be directed by expert guests.

In late 2023, to help reach potential listeners beyond Clubhouse, the show was also made available as a podcast.

The Voiceover Round Table show is still recorded live every Tuesday at 7:30 PM Eastern, 4:30 PM Pacific…where we talk about all things voiceover, with a genuine focus on community…bringing you in-depth interviews, round table discussions, special performance events, and industry-leading guests…

We hope you'll join us!

Mike & Emma

About your hosts...

Mike Tobin

A truly bilingual voice for all situations! Mike lives and works in both English and French Canadian as an award-nominated voice actor, event host, master of ceremonies, and on-camera talent. He's also a content-creation enthusiast with a passion for technology and all things Apple.

Emma O'Neill

Emma is a multi-award-winning voice actor specializing in radio and TV commercials, TV narration, TV promo, and corporate training videos. Outside the booth, she's a fitness and wellness enthusiast, and a certified yoga instructor for more than 25 years.

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